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Ann is a photographic artist living and working in the seaside city of Brighton and Hove.


She has a variety of photographic based interests and likes to explore image interpretation by using a number of different techniques such as camera-less, analogue and digital media, respectively. This stems from challenging herself to create images that attempt to capture the depth, shape and visual impact of the proposed subject matter by presenting it on media that enables an organic type of investigation. It is very much an evolving process, encouraging her to closely examine the living and abstract world and form images that explore the spontaneous nature that subtly exists all around us.


She is constantly striving to observe and form her own unique frame of the visual situation laid out before her using colour or black and white photographic processes, studying the subject matter and seeking out its visual connection beyond just representing the view in front of the camera, shaping its context to produce more ethereal type imagery.

Many of her photographic projects originate from a desire to invite the viewer to witness some of the subtle unseen details of their environment, whether it is an offbeat street scene, a conceptual observation of the natural world or a more intimate study of a person's life and how they function within it, respectively.


Mobile: +44 (0) 7963 252264


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